7th Graders - IMMUNIZATION REQUIREMENTS FOR SCHOOL - Must have before you can register.
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Monday, August 17, 2015



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To: Parents of students entering 7th grade in August

The Tennessee Department of Health (TDOH) has issued new immunization rules and is issuing a new Official Certificate that is required for entry into school effective July 1, 2010. 

The following is a list of requirements for students entering 7th grade:

Children entering 7th grade (new requirements underlined):

  • Tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis booster (“Tdap”)
  • Verification of immunity to varicella (2 doses or history of disease)


Each child who is entering 7th grade will have to have a Tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis booster and either two doses of the varicella vaccine or documented history of varicella (chicken pox).  This information must be provided to the school before enrolling in 7th grade.

There will now be only one official TDOH certificate of immunization that must be filled out by medical providers for parents to deliver to schools prior to entry of their child into pre-school, pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, 7th grade, or as a new student.  The form is only available from a private healthcare provider or local health department. (This form was made available after April 1, 2010.)

Parents of students entering 7th grade must provide proof of the two above new requirements on the new form before enrolling into 7th grade. 

If you have private insurance that covers immunizations or Cover Kids, you must obtain this from your child's physician.  If you have TennCare, no insurance, or private insurance that does not cover immunizations you may obtain these immunizations at the Health Department.

If you have insurance and your child's physician does not administer immunizations, you must find a physician who does. 


Thank you for your assistance in this matter,

Lori Case RN

(Health Services Director)


Cc: Mark Griffith (Director of Schools)

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