A Whitwell Middle School student is a person of honor, who does not cheat, intimidate, lie, or spread rumors and does not tolerate such behavior in others. 

Because I am a WMS student and a person of honor, 

  • I treat all school staff: teachers, administrators, and other adults with respect; 

  • I show empathy to others;

  • I treat my classmates with thoughtfulness and kindness;

  • I take care of my school and my materials; 

  • I come to class prepared to learn - with the right materials and attitude; 

  • I speak positively to and about my school and my classmates;

  • I accept responsibility for my actions and my learning.

General Information

General Information

***We are a PEANUT-FREE facility***

The front entrance of the school is the side where the railcar is located.

The backside of the school faces Whitwell High School.

During school hours, all traffic enters and exits via the gate on Valley View Highway and travels around the building.

Arrival Procedures

Students are dropped off at the back door if before 7:45.  Cars should be in one single line.  Do NOT PASS A BUS at any time even if it does not have its stop sign engaged.  This is unlawful and may result in a ticket from the school’s SRO.  For our students’ safety, only students whose parents work at the elementary or high school or students who ride with older siblings may walk to our school via the sidewalk.  DO NOT DROP OFF STUDENTS AT WHS!

Dismissal Procedures

Unless students are being checked out before 3:00, they will exit through the back door.  Instruction time ends at 3:00.  Any dismissal before 3:00 is UNEXCUSED unless you are using a parent/doctor/dentist note.  Cars are in a double line for the first set and then merge into a single car line.  DO NOT stop and motion for your child to come to you unless you are pulled directly behind the car in front of you.  Please watch for teacher direction.

If your child is going home with another student or adult, you must send a note or email, otherwise, your child will not be allowed to leave with the person.  If you do not send a note or email, your child must go to the office to have our staff verify permission while the driver pulls around to the front of the building. 

Please remember: class instruction is ongoing until 3:00.  Please do not allow younger children to play outside the cars.  This is distractive to the classes in progress and potentially dangerous to oncoming traffic.