School Administration
Kim HeadrickPrincipal 
Josh HoltcampAssistant Principal 


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Tanya Barbee                             8th Grade Language Arts 

Linda Bartmess                          School Counselor

Kayla Brown                               7th Grade Language Arts

Kirby Brown                               Physical Education

Angie Chidester                         8th Grade Mathematics

Gwen Coleman                          Media Specialist

Felicia Floyd                                5th Grade Mathematics

Sandi Grayson                            6th Grade Mathematics

Morgan Guyear                          7th Grade Mathematics

Danny Hale                                 7th Grade Social Studies

Kendra Hedrick                          7th Grade Science

Jennifer Holder                           6th Grade Science

Taylor Kilgore                             8th Grade Social Studies

Kirsten Long                               6th Grade Social Studies

Ginger Mathis                             5th Grade Science

Renee Miller                               Exceptional Education

Amy Patterson                           6th Grade Language Arts

Roger Payne                               Music

Sandy Roberts                           Career and Technical Education

Courtney Rogers                       5th Grade Language Arts

Brady Rorex                               8th Grade Science

Rebecca Spradlin                      5th Grade Social Studies

Office Staff
Patsy BellSecretary
Randi PickettBookkeeper


Support Staff
Dean FineExceptional Education Assistant
Sheri Goforth Visually Impairment Specialist
Mary MooreMedia Services Assistant
Doyle MorrisonExceptional Education Assistant
Karen PittmanExceptional Education Assistant
Melody YoungExceptional Education Assistant


Cafeteria Staff
Kathy BrownCafeteria Manager
Sharon CarrCulinary Assistant
Frankie MaxwellCulinary Assistant
Sherry RamseyCulinary Assistant
Teresa RamseyCulinary Assistant


Custodial Staff
Madonna Thomas    Head Custodian
Gerald Bone   Custodian
Joey Layne   Custodian