Bingo for Books

Bingo for Books was a success as always! Students and their parents were invited to come to the after school event known as bingo for books. Everyone in attendance played countless games of bingo, and once they got a bingo they would earn certificates to use at the book fair. After all of the bingo games, the book fair opened up for the students to use the certificates they had won! We love this annual event and look forward to seeing the students and their parents come out and have some fun and also attend our book fair. Thank you for making it another great year!

Parent and Teacher Involvement

5th and 6th grade hosted an after school event called Popcorn and Pajama Craft Night for all of our students at WMS. There were snacks, beverages, treats and neat crafts for the students and their guests to enjoy! Students were able to spend extra time with their 5th and 6th grade teachers, administration & fellow classmates while doing festive holiday activities. What a fun night at WMS!