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Spring Fundraiser - Cookie Dough and Tumblers
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Monday, March 06, 2017

Our annual spring fundraiser begins tomorrow, March 7. Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough and Tritan Tumblers will be sold. All proceeds will go to instructional programs and additional technology. Listed below is information with details on student rewards. We appreciate any help that you can provide. The sale ends March 16. 

With warm weather and sunshine, now is the perfect time to participate in our annual


Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough and Tritan Tumblers make GREAT treats for everyone, including yourself!


Today, your child has been given information and order forms for our spring fundraiser. Money is being raised to purchase instructional programs and additional technology. Our school goal is $5000.00 in sales! Please help us meet our goal. If every student will sell just $15.00 in merchandise, we can make our goal!


All money and orders are due no later than Wednesday, March 16, by 12:00. Please make checks payable to Whitwell Middle School.



(All money and orders must be turned in no later than 12:00 on March 16, in order to be eligible for prizes.)


The top seller in each grade level will get $25.00! (In the event of a tie, student names will be entered in drawing for one winner per grade level.)


The homeroom that sells the most will get a PIZZA PARTY! (In the event of a tie, eligible homeroom names will be entered in a drawing for one winner.)


The top seller in the school will receive a catered Mexican Restaurant lunch for yourself and two friends! (In the event of a time, student names will be entered in a drawing for one top seller.)


Thank you for your help in making this the most successful fundraiser for our students and school! If you would like to simply make a donation, in lieu of participation, please feel free to do so by completing the back of this letter and returning it to your child’s homeroom teacher.

At this time, my child is unable to participate in the spring fundraiser, but I would love to help Whitwell Middle reach its goal of $5000.00 in sales.

Please accept my donation of $_______.


Child’s Name: __________________________________________________


Child’s Homeroom: _____________________________________________


Parent/Guardian Name: ________________________________________

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