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Updated Dress Code Information
Posted On:
Monday, August 06, 2018

UPDATED 8-6-18

After sharing this with everyone on August 2, amendments were shared at principals’ meeting on Friday, August 3. Policies that were different are noted with an **. A completed amended policy will be sent home as soon as it is available. Until such time, please use this document and the copy of the dress code policy that was in the handbook. Thank you in advance for your understanding.


Top 8 Frequently Asked Student/Parent Questions about WMS Dress Code


  1. Do shirts have to be tucked in? No


     2.   Are belts required? No, as long as pants are at normal waistline and are not sagging.


     3.   Can I have holes, rips, tears, etc. in my jeans? No


     4.   Can I wear leggings? No


     5.   How long do my shorts, skirts, dresses, etc. have to be? At least fingertip length (when a

           student stands up straight and puts hands at sides, shorts, skirts, and dresses must be

           at least to the end of middle finger or longer)


     **6.   What piercings are allowed? Ear and nose only. (Only studs in the nose.)Piercings

           only allowed in the ear.


     **7.   Can I wear a “cold shoulder” shirt? Yes, as long as it does not have slender straps or is

           too revealing. Cold shoulder shirts are not allowed.


     8.   Are athletic shorts allowed? No, only during PE.




Any clothing that is distracting to the learning environment will not be allowed.


When a student violates the dress code, parent/guardian will be contacted to bring appropriate clothes or clothes will be given to student from the WMS clothes closet.


If dress code violations become excessive, student will be sent to the office for a discipline referral.


When in doubt, ask before wearing!













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