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Daily Assignments and Links

Daily Assignments
Daily Assignments

Daily Assignments


Plant and Animal Cells
Interactive Cells

Glencoe Science Website
8th Grade Science Textbook Website

 8th Grade Science Textbook Website                                                 

This link will take you to a website which has a lot of information that will be useful to you. If you choose to do TCAP practice from the website, email or print the results for extra credit. You will need to enter the code SG81362C and then the chapter number. So, to do work for chapter 1 you would enter SG81362C1. My email address is jpatton@mctns.net. You must send the results in text format.



Technology in Society
CSI: Crime Lab Investigations
 This website is interactive and provides the user with opportunities to solve crimes using forensic evidence and investigation.  This activity correlates to the standards involving the use of technology in society.