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Student Sites
Word Families

Word families and Word Wall's help kids build their reading vocabulary.

A Guide To Simple Machines Used In Cars

This is a great site brought to my attention by a special group of kids who thought my students would enjoy it as much as they do!  High-fives to all of them!

Resource Guide For All 50 States

A site that gives you a brief overview of each state, and also provides you with further links to allow you to learn more in-depth information about each specific state.  Thanks to Lauren for finding this site and her grandmother for sharing it with me!

Counting & Patterns

A math site that can be beneficial for the kids.


We've explored this site on the Smartboard in class, and the kids enjoy it.


A site that explores all four subject areas and more at different grade levels!!!

Decodable Books

Some decodable books written by teachers.  Requires PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer (which can be downloaded for free by clicking the link below) to access the books.

Sheppard Software

Sheppard Software has some of the best things on the Internet for kids, all for free.  Take some time to explore this site!


Some of the students are familiar with the math worksheets on this site.  They don't get the opportunity to play the Game Room too often, so they may enjoy those, and it would help in building their math skills.

Cool Math 4 Kids

A great math site for kids!

Sheppard Software Math

The math section from Sheppard Software.

Multiplication Tables Practice

Some of the kids are very familiar with this site!

Science For Kids

A great Science site for the kids!


One of my favorite sites that some of the kids are very familiar with.

Maths Zone

Another good math site!