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Spelling Word List (Kirsten Long) 8/1/2015
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Add ed/ing Short vowels Vowel sound with R Difficult Spelling Plural/Possessive Multisyllabic Words Latin Roots Final Syllable Patterns Schwa Suffixes Unusual Spelling Multisyllabic Words Just enough letters Compound Words
answered damage porch fierce country's possibility suspend ancestor different musician crescent international nuclear field trip
answering gentle servant weird countries' linear pendant hospital sentence politician language prehistoric helicopter someone
traveled injury shore piece countries ridiculous conductor grumble American novelist vehicle untrustworthy anxious snowflakes
traveling palace disturb perceive its artificial novel sponsor brilliant scientist exhibit constellation appreciated polka dot
chopped cottage market perfume ours calculator productive superior substitute historian examine honorary plastic roller coaster
chopping honesty margin preserve theirs competitive numeral escalator opinion tenant Michigan disagreement familiar solar system
qualified mustard worth soldier hers  curiosity reserve encounter material student parachute preparation athletic thunderstorm
qualifying legend purchase model library's organization numerous shoulder complete patient unique Philadelphia escape leftovers
panicked clumsy kernel multiple libraries' individual preserve skeleton jewelry resident conquer promotional apologize  cell phone
panicking message perhaps fuel libraries encyclopedia pending forbidden dramatic comedian rhyme constitution Washington whitewash
interfered modify ignore briefcase niece's  peony pendulum appetizer instance vegetarian penguin unbreakable pastime lightning rod
interfering ruffle concern retrieve  nieces' tarantula deduction identical communicate soloist exertion biodegradable exquisite myself
omitted glimpse attorney deceit nieces correspondent novelty abandon hesitate specialist exotic coordination lantern life jacket
omitting strict barge perception crow's cauliflower numerator governor elementary motorist brochure compassionate fulfill bulldozer
magnified dungeon detergent vegetable crows optimistic reservoir endeavor vitamin merchant symptom impossibility souvenir masterpiece
magnifying fender corridor preferable witness's enthusiastic conservatory outspoken ingredients participant antique entirety tragedy area code
patrolled  fantastic ornament rectangle witnesses' sophisticated appendix durable invitations occupant exhausted executive sherbet cliffhanger
patrolling dignity artistic bushel witnesses satisfactory impending lengthen discipline custodian heirloom companionship algebra wheelchair
skied property particle pinnacle secretary's irritable induct cinnamon lasagna descendant rhinoceros unthinkable icicles hour hand
skiing cannon nervous preliminary secretaries' simultaneously innovative interior desperate chemist bureau predicament escort rain forest
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Homophones Greek Word Parts Prefixes Words with ci and ti Related Words Word endings Suffixes Words from many Cultures Compound Words Suffixes Prefixes Suffixes Related Words Easily Confused
heel hydrant discontent precious poem electricity activate ivory old-fashioned mileage bisect bakery  alternate proceed
heal chronic decline commercial poetic equality negative cocoa daydream moisture triangle scenery alternative precede
symbol archive outward especially direct society friendship lilac summertime heroism universal vocabulary office advise
cymbal synonym dispatch ancient direction specialty objective gorilla follow-up storage semicircle temporary official advice
herd antonym unwavering gracious origin celebrity representative pretzel knee-deep passage biceps surgery economy formerly
heard democracy destruction position original recognition attractive safari foothills organism bilingual inventory economics formally
patients hydrogen disintegrate question combine description creative kayak nevertheless journalism tricycle directory normal further
patience aristocrat outstanding suggestion combination reduction membership crocodile self-control failure university pottery normality farther
capitol dehydrated uncommon friction repeat tradition partnership fiesta themselves mixture semifinal discovery restore personal
capital chronicle outburst lotion repetition loyalty compassionate dandelion baby-sit postage uniform imaginary restoration personnel
straight hydroplane outrageous potion critic security fortunate monsoon make-believe luggage bifocals machinery indicate immigrate
strait chronology defensive digestion criticize clarity considerate slalom sunburn departure reunion nursery indicative emigrate
aisle archaic unappetizing artificial history popularity secretive amateur bloodhound patriotism semicolon voluntary gene college
isle homonym disillusioned glacier historic certainty scholarship boutique fine-tune optimism unicorn honorary genetic collage
stationary synchronize disarray cautious academy cruelty restrictive suede great-grandmother acreage semiprivate satisfactory excel  descent
stationery hydraulic unconscious efficient academic subscription affectionate poncho roller-skating percentage triplicate introductory excellence dissent
sheer archaeology outskirts sensational inspire reputation cooperative hammock folklore enclosure semisweet advisory adapt persecution
shear anarchy unfasten vicious inspiration intention originate bungalow empty-handed voltage semiannual bravery adaption prosecution
bread hydroelectric disenchanted official depart deception township sequin self-esteem temperature biplane secondary crime envelope
bred bureaucracy decompose ration departure penalty relationship burrito runner-up mannerism unison bravery criminal envelop