Our Vision

Working together to build relationships and facilitate a love of learning for our future graduates so they can become productive citizens.

Our Belief Statements and Guiding Principles

1. Learning and attendance are important and should be taken seriously.

2. A loving, caring, stable, and safe learning environment will be present at all times.

3. Respect and empathy will be practiced by students, teachers, staff, parents, and the community.

4. All children will be academically successful at or above their ability level.

Our Mission

We believe in our students and their success. In order to ensure that they have the necessary academic, communication, and social skills to be college or career ready upon high school graduation, we will create a stable and safe learning environment and build relationships. By providing a high-quality educational program and by teaching our students to respect cultural differences and the rights of all people, we will be successful in creating self-sufficient citizens who are adaptable to change.

Our E-Plan